Short Stories
Thirty-one-year-old Matthew Webster’s world is shattered when his wife walks out, leaving him to look after their four-year-old son, Joshua, alone. Grief and shock are compounded by the sudden need to juggle childcare with his demanding job as a theatre critic. Matthew works hard to rebuild his life, but is thwarted constantly by unanswered questions as to his wife’s whereabouts and her reasons for leaving. It is only as the truth emerges that he learns the full heartbreak and joy of unconditional love.
The novel walks a line between comedy and wrenching sadness. It is fluently written and its depiction of domestic chaos … is all too recognisable.
The Sunday Times
Charming and enjoyable.
Another gem of a book from Amanda Brookfield, a thought provoking insight into the struggles of a man left to cope on his own with the many aspects of childcare, and all it's problems. Entertaining and inspiring, well worth a read.
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Loved this book. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. I quickly bonded with Matt and Josh. An enjoyable read that tugs at the heart strings.
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She fleshes out her characters so well, that they are almost real. I have read several of her novels since discovering her by chance on Amazon for my Kindle.
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Brilliant plot, beautifully written. Absollutely loved this book. Highly recommended
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