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Welcome to my official website. There’s lots to dip into, with sneak-peeks at my inspirations as well as information about all my sixteen best-sellers, including 'Alice Alone', 'Relative Love' and 'Life Begins'.

My Best-Sellers


A memoir, ‘For the Love of a Dog’

Amanda walking Mabel

For the Love of a Dog is a poignant and often hilarious examination of how a zest for life can re-emerge from the rubble of loss. Amanda teases out the truths at the heart of life's pitfalls, throwing light on the big issues that face us all.

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Latest Releases

For the Love of a Dog

Published in November 2018, 'For the Love of a Dog' is a funny and poignant memoir of emotional meltdown and recovery with the unwitting aid of a Golden Doodle puppy called Mabel. Following the death of my mother and the end of a post-divorce relationship, my world fell apart and desolation closed in. Talk of getting a puppy was just to cheer myself up. I never thought I would actually go through with it; I was barely capable of looking after myself, let alone a dog…

The Love Child

Published in Jan 2013, 'The Love Child' is a touching and heartfelt story about discovering what matters most in your life and having the courage to reach for it - not just once, but again and again.
When Janine and Dougie fell in love they thought it would be for ever. Fifteen years later their relationship is well and truly over, their daughter Stevie their one remaining connection...

Before I Knew You

Released in March 2011, 'Before I Knew You' tells the unsettling story of what happens when two very different families swap houses across the Atlantic one August. Strangers when they borrow each other's respective homes, their lives then start to intertwine in unexpected ways, throwing them at the mercy of their pasts and each other.