For the Love of a Dog

After the death of her mother and the end of a new relationship leave her heartbroken, novelist Amanda Brookfield finds her once secure world imploding. As despair deepens, she latches onto the idea of getting a puppy just to revive her optimistic spirit.

Aware that her lifestyle will not suit becoming a dog-owner and warned by friends not to give up her freedom, Amanda nonetheless cannot resist Mabel, an eight week old Golden Doodle. Arming herself with an arsenal of equipment, she soon learns that there are no short-cuts to training and caring for a dog. In the daily challenges that ensue, the constant ups and downs, Amanda realises she is starting to come to terms with her bereavement and the prospect of facing the rest of her life alone.

For the Love of a Dog charts the bigger, more poignant story about the labour of emotional recovery after the trauma of loss. Mabel shines like a light throughout, the innocent architect of rebuilding her owner’s shattered self-belief. Mabel’s own journey is equally captivating, as she blossoms into a mischievous, endearing head-turner of a companion – as affectionate as she is glorious.

For the Love of a Dog - paperback

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By turns terrifically moving and tea-snortingly funny, ‘For the Love of a Dog’ is my life-affirming must-read of the year. end quote
Chris Manby
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Sharing Amanda and Mabel’s blossoming mutual devotion is a privilege, terribly addictive to read, as laughter-filled as it is honest. end quote
Fiona Walker
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With great artistry and wisdom, Amanda Brookfield has illuminated what it means to get your life on track.This is a book that’ll teach you to sit, be still, and listen to yourself. end quote
Henry Sutton
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The Big News

On Thursday 2nd May 2019 my latest book, For The Love of a Dog, will be published in paperback by Head of Zeus. It is currently available in hardback and Kindle e-book.